Remote Control Pistenbullies 1:32  (G-Scale)


JC 1400

 RC Pistenbully without winch


 JC 1410

 RC Pistenbully with winch

The PistenBully 400W is a die cast model with a few plastic parts for detailing.  On firm ground the Pistenbully can climb up to 45° hills.  Two powerful gearbox driven motors power the unit and the 3.6V Lithium-Ion battery holds power for a long pleasurable playtime.


• Orange blinking lights                                   • Bottom head lights                                                • Snow plow lift and lower
• Finisher raise and lower                                • Forward/backwards motion                                    • Right/Left and turn on the spot

  Diecast stationary model 1:32  (G-Scale)


JC 0400

Pistenbully without winch


JC 0410

 Pistenbully with winch

JC 0420

 Pistenbully with snow blower



All Pistenbullies are delivered in beautiful retail box



Diecast Pistenbully in 1:43 (O-Scale)


JC 4600

Pistenbully without winch

JC 4610

 Pistenbully with winch


These models are diecast models in 1:43 of the PistenBully 600 SCR and 600SCR W

Protype Information:
PistenBully 600 SCR is a further technological advancement of the type “600”. Improved power train, larger gas tank, more efficient hydraulic pumps, wireless intercom for remote diagnosis, and the SCR catalyzer for 90% less emissions are some of the hall mark features of German engineering.
Thanks to the 12-way plow system and the AlpinFlexGrinder this PistenBully creates the perfect finish on the ski slopes.