New amazing Omega IV 10 seater cabins 

Are you planning to upgrade your skilift gondolas to the newest generation of Omega IV 10-seater cabins.  This is your opportunity to promote your new capacities, with the Jaegerndorfer Omega IV 10-seater cabins. (Custom colors can be produced).


Highlights of Omega IV 10-seaters:

• New clamp system for rope attachment                   • Doors open (prototypical rubber hose)

• Cabin ideal for JC-sitting figures                             • Prototypical Solar panel

• Ideal add-on for all gondola sets                             • Fully Compatible with all Stations

JC 88000 


JC 88001

JC 88003


JC 88005 

JC 88006  


JC 88007 

Omega IV  8-seater cabins

 New Colors for 2016-2017





JC 83020

JC 83021


JC 83022


JC 83025


 JC 84001

 JC 84002

 JC 84004


JC 84005

 JC 84008

JC 84000