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JC-83296 Compact Ski Lift



  • 1  x  Motorized base station.
  • 1  x  Return station (screw down).
  • 1  x  4-seater chair with bubble (w/ Ski Welt logo).
  • 1  x  24’ non-stretch rope w/ connector clamp.
  • 1  x  6 Seater Gondola (Ski Welt logo included).
  • Powered supply (not included).
Base Measurements:
  • 9.5 inches tall
  • 7.25 inches wide
  • 8.63 inches long
Mount Measurements:
  • 15 inches length 
  • 9.5 inches tall
  • 6.2 inches wide 
The set can be operated via batteries or with a 6V wall transformer. Additional rope, gondolas, chairs, and support masts are also available.


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