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JC-84491 Profiset Ski Lift - Upgrade Kit


This beautiful set can span any distance (with extra rope) on your layout and provide a lively scene. Modeled after the Doppelmyr UNI G-V system with chairs, and gondolas in various styles. This is a fully functional setup and allows for continued operation on your layout. Additional gondolas or chairs are available in a variety of colors. Whether you model a ski mountain on your layout or you model a park, in either case, this is a model to buy!

This set includes:

  • 1 Motorized base station (UNI G-V) in black/red/grey
  • 1 Mountain station (UNI G-V) in black/red/grey
  • VIP gondola Omega IV
  • Three (3) 6-people chairs
  • 1 Rope (~ 20′)
  • 1 Rope connector in metal
  • 1 Support mast (height adjustable)

The set can be operated via batteries or with a 6V wall transformer. Additional rope, gondolas, chairs, and support masts are also available.


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