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JC-84499 Pro Set Ski Lift


The Pro Set Ski Lift is on the 1:32 scale. This customizable Platinum Edition playset can come with either four gondolas or four chairs. Top Seller!


  • 4 Chairs or 4 Gondolas of your choice
    • Gondolas: 8 Seaters only
  • 24′ non-stretch rope with connector clamp
  • Quality painted, masts and stations


The JC-84499 Features:

  • Two Uni-G Station
    • Base Station
    • Mountain Station
  • Weatherproof* for indoors and out
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries, Not Included
  • Also powered by Power Supply Unit, Included
  • Easy to extend, see other 1:32 products



  • 15.75 inches long
  • 9.50 inches wide
  • 9.00 inches tall
  • 19.00 inches total length


* Not to be left in wet weather long-term unprotected.


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